Like Most Other Gun Owners, I Am Responsible

I have been shooting since I was four. I started out with a .22 Long Rifle. It was a single-shot, and I would shoot cans at a local dumpsite with my dad. I progressed to a pump-action rifle. Then I began to shoot an officer’s model revolver in the same caliber. My first time shooting a shotgun was when I worked up the courage to shoot a 28 gauge. I was afraid of the kick. Seems silly now, but I was young. Now I like a good old 12 gauge pump. The first gun I bought started the gun accessories purchases. You cannot really just buy a gun without some sort of accessories.

I bought a .357 Magnum revolver. The first accessory was a shoulder holster for it. That was back in the 1980s, and I had a permit to carry a gun as well as being armed on the job. The next gun I bought was a 9mm pistol. I still have the pistol, but I sold the revolver. If I was wealthy, I would probably collect a few guns. Then I would need such gun accessories as a safe and dehumidifiers to keep them pristine. I enjoy the craftsmanship in well made guns. I do not see any inherent evil in any gun. Of course, anyone could use them for bad. You could use your 2,000 pound car for evil too. It probably would be even more effective than a gun!

Even on the job when I would process arrest warrants for the court I never had to shoot anyone or even threaten or control them with my gun. It could have happened at any time, but it did not. I enjoy shooting paper targets and old cans. I enjoy controlling the power of a 12 gauge shotgun hitting targets. I enjoy buying gun accessories too. I have always been a responsible gun owner, and I always will be.