Our First Apartment As Husband and Wife

My husband and I thought we were going to live in a house once we were married, but we were not able to find anything that was nice. Sure, there were a lot of nice places, but the rent was astronomical on them. We decided to look at apartments in Hattiesburg MS, figuring that we could live in one just until we were able to save up a nice down payment on a home. When we came across the website for Breckenridge Park apartments, we knew that we had found what would become our first home together.

These apartments are nothing like I imagined. They are actually quite nice, and they are very roomy too. We decided that we were going to get a two bedroom for a couple of reasons. The first is that we might be here for several years because of how nice the apartments are, and it would be nice to have a bedroom just in case we decided to have a child before we moved into a house. The second reason is because until we did need it as a child’s bedroom, it would be nice to have a guest room for anyone who wanted to stay overnight.

We figured that we would have a lot of people wanting to stay with us since we both come from large families. We knew that between our parents and the ten brothers and sisters that we had collectively, that we would have visitors probably at least once a month. Since the apartments are spacious, it would not be too crowded at all to have overnight guests either. I had no idea that we would start our married life this way, but I am not complaining because it is actually really nice. It feels like home, and we may end up staying here!