Real Enjoyment in a Virtual Cafe

I remember the good old days of games when things were much simpler. You would pay for a game and that would be it. There would be no more downloadable content, or micro transactions, or anything that would try to nickel and dime people out of more money. Occasionally I get hooked on the new generation of games, but they just have things that annoy me, like having to use real money to get in game money when the game makes it hard to acquire the money. Some people pay the money, but I just use my cafe cheat and save my cash for something else.

It’s a shame that the game I’ve been playing has a flaw as bad as micro transactions, because other than that, it would be a perfect game. The challenge of running your own cafe and making sure the customers stay happy is something that I find very rewarding, which is funny to me because I don’t really care for working in the food service industry. I enjoyed the game since the moment I played it, but I met with a roadblock early in the game when I couldn’t move further without needing currency.

With the hack enabled, I can get as much currency as I want without any restrictions. I’ve been using the currency to make more additions to my cafe. A better cafe lets me serve more customers, and make more money in the process, which goes back into improving the cafe. It’s a faster simulation of a real world cafe, but without all of the boredom and frustration that comes with serving real people who can’t make up their minds about what kind of beverage they want. Since the mobile market can spawn a new hit game at any time, I’ll probably stop playing the game eventually, but for now I’ll stay hooked.