A Very Large and Private Apartment

I considered whether I wanted to buy a house or just rent an apartment now that I knew I would be in the area for quite a few years. I had been living in a small studio apartment for nearly a year to see if my position would turn full time, and I was ready to move into something bigger. I did an online search for apartments Alamo Heights to see what was available, and that is how I found the Niche Apartments. I looked at the different floor plans there, and I really liked what I saw with one of the one bedroom units.

The actual apartment is shaped quite odd, but it was extremely appealing to me because it made the rooms much bigger. When you walk in the front door, you can go left or right. If you make a right, you will go into what is called a Flex Room on their floor plan. For me, I just call it my home office. If you make a left at the entryway, it takes you to the rest of the apartment. The kitchen is the first room, and then a combination dining room and living room is next.

What I really like about this is that it is a large space. It is nearly 21 feet by 24 feet, which is impressive! Right off the living room is a large bedroom, and the bath is there as well. What comes after my bedroom is the really neat part. There is a small balcony off of one side of my room, and a much larger balcony that is even longer than the living room. There is storage at the end of the long balcony, plus there is storage inside the apartment too. This was perfect for me, which is why I am living here full time now!