Moving into the City to Be Closer to Work

When I first moved to Dallas about five years ago, I bought a house in the suburbs and didn’t give much thought to the commute. Now I’m looking for Dallas luxury apartments in uptown because the commute has turned into a nightmare. The economy in Texas has grown so much that we’re getting people from all over the country moving down here looking for work. It’s really become noticeable in the last couple of years as the traffic has increased to the point where the commute just isn’t worth it. I needed to find a place closer to work so I can save a couple of hours a day.

Fortunately, not only did I find a great place to live, but it’s also very close to my place of employment. I could probably ride a bicycle to work if I chose to do so. Even better is the apartment is light years better than my house. Not that my home is terrible, it’s just that it is pretty old and the apartment I’m moving into is far more modern. The kitchen gleams and has granite counter tops, there are high ceilings that give you the sense of a bigger living space, and there’s even a nice community clubhouse and lounge.

One of the best things, in my opinion, is the garbage chutes. Back when I lived in an apartment you had to cart your trash outside to the dumpster. Her you just drop it in the chute and forget it. It’s just a great place. I’m also happy to be able to take my dog with me considering the place has a private dog run and is of course pet friendly. The apartment building is tailored to the younger crowd so I should fit right in. I don’t think I’ll want to move anywhere else once I’m settled in.