Texas is Big and So is Our New Apartment in Fort Worth

We moved from one of the smallest states to one of the biggest. I had no idea just how big Texas was until we looked for apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX. I wanted to not have a big commute to work, but I did not want to live smack dab in the middle of an urban area like we used to. When we were checking out an apartment, I asked the person showing it to us if there was a certain type of store in Texas. Well, the closest one was farther away than the distance across the state where we were moving from. When you see the size of Texas on a map, it just does not sink in until you actually visit.

You know how they say everything is bigger in Texas? Well, the apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX sure are. Our place has a laundry room that is bigger than our daughter’s bedroom back where we moved from. This is the first time we have a master bedroom where we can easily maneuver around the bed. All of the furniture used to be really close by at our old apartment. No more squeezing between the wall and mattress to get in and out of bed. It really is nice to have more square feet for about the same amount of rent.

Plus, we stepped up to a place that has a fitness center and a saltwater pool that has a waterfall. Not only do they have a very nice swimming pool, we can actually swim in it more than three or four months out of the year. This is a big change to a much bigger state. The weather is more like we want it, and our new apartment is exactly what we wanted.